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Emotional Presentation

Acting is the art of performing in plays, movies, or television productions.  Students begin with learning the differences between each & how to navigate on stage directions & camera directions.  Serenity emphasizes proper breathing & speaking technique, as well as emotional presentation.  Students are encouraged to participate in a vocal & dance class.  Vocal lessons are 30-minute private lessons and cannot be booked online.



Foundation of All Dance Disciplines

Serenity Ballet Classes utilize a combination of the French Method, Royal Academy of Dance Method, the Vaganova Method, and the Balanchine Method.  This allows our teachers to train and educate the student as a whole.



Create Music with Your Feet

Tap is a high-energy and teaches rhythm and coordination.  Jazz is an expressive and lively discipline combining contemporary moves and current music trends.  Dancers can develop coordination, musicality, flexibility and strength.



Nothing but Self-Expression

A high-energy dance that involves improvement in coordination, rhythm and movement as well as learning muscle memory and control.  Students will be able to expand their skills into other areas such as break dancing, locking, popping, gliding, and so much more.




Connect the mind and body through fluid movements.  Stresses the versatility and improvisation, unlike the strict, structured nature of balled.  Dancers focus on floor work, using gravity to pull them down to the floor.  This genre is introduced at LEVEL 2 in combination with BALLET.



Find A Way.....

All needs and ages welcome.  Serenity believes the arts are for everyone no matter your physical ability.  Class is geared towards increasing cognitive, social and physical skills through dance.  Doctor's permission is required.  A parent or caretaker must participate in class with student.

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